Why we are here

Georgetown Courageous Conversations Planning Group is an interracial, multicultural and multiethnic group of individuals from various faith communities. The group began meeting in February 2015 after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and following the 2015 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday observance.MLK Jr.

The group operates under Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence that emphasizes love in action and Six Principles of Nonviolence to create a “Beloved Community.

In the “Beloved Community” poverty, hunger and homelessness will not be tolerated because the core values of human decency and human respect will not allow it. Racism and all forms of discrimination, bigotry and prejudice will be replaced by an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.

We invite you to join us in making Georgetown a “Beloved Community” as together we begin Courageous Conversations. You can contact us through LetsTalk@CourageousConvoGTX.com.

Note:  Courageous Conversations are structured, respectful dialogues about difficult and serious subjects.