Get Involved: Be the Change You Want to See

To address systemic racism, data must be gathered to inform tactics and strategies. Courageous Conversations GTX has formed Learning/Action Groups to study key areas where disparities are often identified. In addition, CCGTX has three operational groups to support the efforts of the Learning/Action Groups. We invite you to join our efforts. Before joining a Learning/Action or Operational Group, we urge you to attend one of our retreats.



To build a relationship with the Georgetown Independent School District (GISD) and support the cross-cultural diversity of all children and staff within GISD.


  • Continue to study Economic Disadvantaged students who have been disciplined disproportionately and support the district in improvements.
  • Build a relationship between Courageous Conversation of Georgetown, Texas and GISD in order to celebrate and support the diversity of students, families and staff.

Learning/Action Group Leader – Barbara Brightwell
Meeting dates TBD.

To build relationships with the health care organizations and institutions in order to discuss and resolve the issues of access, wages, infrastructure and issues of mental, emotional and physical health in Georgetown

  • To determine which populations are not being served by the current healthcare organizations and institutions.
  • To create specific steps on how to gain access to these organizations and institutions so these populations receive the services needed.

Learning/Action Group Leader – Lou Snead
Meetings: TBD

Contribute to reducing significantly Georgetown’s housing affordability deficit for workers, millennials and seniors with diminished incomes.


  • Maximize participation of persons, most in need of housing affordability, in city’s survey.
  • Recommend fiscal tools to HAB, Planning Department and Council that will significantly reduce city’s housing affordability deficit.

Learning/Action Group Leader – Lamar Claypool
First Friday of each month at 1 p.m at Getsemani Center, 412 E. 19th St.

Meeting with local law enforcement officials, which includes fire department, victim services, county courts, local judges, district attorney, etc., to build relationships and identify areas where racial disparities may exist.


  • Develop a solid relationship with Police Chief of Georgetown, Fire Chief John Sullivan and Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody through monthly or quarterly meetings.
  • Identify the marginalized in this community like African-American and Latino males.

Learning/Action Group Leader – Lou Snead
Next Meeting:  TBD

To educate and publicize the accurate history about racism in Texas and America and to confront the denial and untruths about this ugly history and its legacy, emphasizing the stolen labor of slaves and the perpetuation of white supremacy, and showing how this history has contributed to the systematic disadvantages and marginalization of people of color. Our work includes the public acknowledgment of this racial history as an important step to overcoming racial discrimination today and involves a challenge to the hierarchical power structures that continue to marginalize and silence people of color in our community.


  • To develop support within Williamson County for a historical marker application aimed at explaining the history of the Confederate monument in Georgetown.
  • To continue to raise awareness in Georgetown about the history of racism in this community.
  • To establish a positive relationship with Williamson County Commissioners to encourage support for our application for a historical marker.
  • To develop community-wide educational opportunities to address the legacy of slavery, the Civil War, white supremacy, the Reconstruction and Jim Crow eras, and segregation on race relations in America.


Courageous Conversations has slated two other Learning/Action Groups to work on the issues of Transportation and Economic Development. When volunteer leadership has been secured for these groups, we look forward to reporting on their plans as well.



Leader – Inell Claypool
Next meeting:  TBD., Getsemani Center, 412 E. 19th St.

To focus on training and the orientation of new participants; to create and develop new ways to draw attention and commitment to Courageous Conversation of Georgetown, Texas, and to foster healthy relationships both within our organization and the community.


  • Facilitate the holding of five Courageous Conversations in several community locations (e.g., churches, Sun City, The Nest).
  • Collaborate with Southwestern University to create our unique training centered around the documentary, Race:  The Power of An Illusion.
  • Hold two Racism Retreats to orient, educate and train new participants.

Leader – Jim Deuser
Next Meetings:  TBD.

To raise awareness about the work that CCGTX is doing in Georgetown.


  • Develop and execute a communications plan.
  • Support and increase recruitment and retention efforts through electronic newsletters. printed collateral materials, social media platforms, event registrations and a dynamic website.

Comprised of leaders of the Learning/Action Groups and the Operational Groups.
Leader – Ron Swain
Meetings:  First Monday of each month, 6 p.m. – 8 pm., Getsemani Community Ministry Center, 412 E. 19th St., except for months when quarterly Courageous Conversations Assembly and Potluck are scheduled.

Serve the Courageous Conversations movement by shaping strategic direction in support of building the Beloved Community.


  • Support the Learning/Action and Operational Groups in their efforts to bring about the Beloved Community.
  • To keep the Courageous Conversations movement focused on its purpose, mission and vision, and grounded in Martin Luther King Jr.’s Six Principles of Non-violent Change

Want to be a change-maker? Want to develop leadership and communications skills that will help your career aspirations? Are you passionate about social justice and human rights? Then you’re the person we need to help make Georgetown a “Beloved Community! “

We are seeking high school and college students interested in an unpaid internship to help realize our mission of promoting a culture of justice and compassion in Georgetown for people of all races and economic, religious and ethnic identities. Our vision is that we will create in Georgetown what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “a Beloved Community” of compassion, characterized by cross-cultural communication, collaboration, celebration and courage.

Click below for the full description and how to apply.

CCGTX internship 4.17