Courageous Conversations

We know that talking about race is difficult and uncomfortable. Yet, it is important that we examine our country’s history and explore racism within our own experiences so that we can identify and address institutional racism. When we choose to be uncomfortable so that we can advance, then we have the potential to create what Martin Luther King Jr. described as “a beloved community”  for all.

The Georgetown Courageous Conversations Planning Group wants to initiate respectful, civil conversations about race.

With that goal in mind, in February 2016 we hosted a series of four Courageous Conversations dialogues based upon the Red Bench model developed by Interfaith Action of Central Texas during Black History Month. About 100 people came together four times during that month to have thoughtful, respectful conversations about institutional racism and its impact on education, health care, public safety and economic development.

With the Georgetown Public Library, we co-hosted four book discussions around Just Mercy, written by Bryan Stevenson, in February 2016 to discuss the mass incarceration of people of color.

In May 2016,  nearly 50 people participated in a three-session workshop, One Human Race, developed by the Union of Black Episcopalians. During Hispanic Heritage Month in October 2016, we watched documentaries about the history of Latinos/as in our state and country.

We have hosted a series of community dialogues and partnered with others in the community and region to deepen our understanding of the devastating toll of racism on individuals and our community and how we can address institutional and systemic racism. We seek to bridge a deep divide in our community, our country and our world.

We are continuing to explore various options for understanding our shared history and working together to build a beloved community where every voice is heard. Check out upcoming events on our Events Page.

These events serve to educate people and stimulate conversation and introspection. We invite you to join us in this journey of discovery and discussion. Until we are informed, we are limited in our ability to have impact.

Georgetown Courageous Conversations Planning Group is an interracial, multicultural and multiethnic group of individuals from various faith communities. We are working to ensure that every person in Georgetown feels welcome, respected and valued.

We invite you to join us in the journey of making Georgetown a “Beloved Community” as together we engage in Courageous Conversations. Sign up for our eNewsletter, join our Facebook page, send us an email. We want to get to know you!

Note:  Courageous Conversations are structured, respectful dialogues about difficult and serious subjects.